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SteemChurch Bingo is a GO!

The FIRST EVER game of Church Bingo on the Blockchain begins NOW!!

Entries have now CLOSED.

For participants who paid their 1 STEEM / SBD entry fee - congratulations... you will now be making HISTORY!

So without any further ado, grab your SteemChurch crypto coffee, cake, biscuits and juices and settle back for draw number 1, being a kick off double.

Draw 1 - calling


Now before you call out 'BINGO', you must first have each number of your unique ID called out in the corresponding column.

If it were Sniff and Scurry playing - their unique ID is 878,534, so they would need...

an 8 to be called in column 1, a 7 in column 2, an 8 in column 3, a 5 in column 4, a 3 in column 5 and a 4 in column 6. If Sniff and Scurry were playing they would now have 3 of their 6 numbers called, being the 7 in column 2, an 8 in column 3 and a 4 in column 6.

As soon as all 6 of your numbers are called - be sure to call out 'Bingo!'

We will keep drawing numbers every 24 hours (or there abouts) until we have a winner.

Speaking of Sniff and Scurry, these two playful mice have stated that they are extremely excited about SteemChurch Bingo, particularly the treats. They are also very excited about this event because they believe that raising funds for our Steemian Parishioners in Ghana. However, as they will be spending quite a bit of their time at Bingo, you may not see as much of them at SteemChurch. You know mice though - they go where the cheese goes!

With thanks to @langford for the picture. Source


@scb - SteemChurch Bingo - Game 1, Draw 1, 8 April 2018

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Oh yes - we love Bingo. In all the excitement Bingo players drop cake and biscuit.


Lol, don't worry sniff and scurry you would have enough biscuits and cake to eat at the end of the game.😁


Yea yea... We all love Bingo
@sniffnscurry we love you too #smiles


cheese for you too hahah


Biscuits and cake are falling on you @sniffnscurry. Enjoy!

Good Start, just one of my number was called - Hoping for the best!

Btwn - join me as I enjoy my fav bingo treat - Juice and cheeze pizza!
A New Design (1).jpg


Why thank you Brother Tikhub. Looks like you brought enough for everyone.

DQmccA7jHyCRhovAuMYGj1TK5hF86CLs41RjLefmBuyVJrR (1).png


Hmm, you guys here in @steemchurch have always been wonderful. Seen none of your kind in the communities in steemit. Keep up your good works. The entire steemit platform will stand up for you @sniffnscurry, @sirknight @tikhub @iksilva. YOU WILL SUCCEED.


I'm so glad to be among the few to witness the first bingo game from the first ever church of the blockchain.

Long live @sirknight for this initiative


Congrats to you @tikhub in advance. Hehe dis one you are starting with a crunch.

Hurray bingo is finally here just one of my number was called 😃😃😃😄😄

Yippee, let bingo games begin.
I can't wait.


Am sure as we get blessed in the @steemchurch bingo, the blessings will also be used to empower others. All the best, and all the wealth @adedoyinwealth


Yes, steemchurch really is a Blessing.


Thanks and you too.

Woohoo!!@sirknight an excellent initiative, this is going to be the best-known bingo of the block chain, and by the way, three of my identification numbers appear in the columns, I think they appear, hehehe, I'm anxious, I hope to see what surprises prepares the bingo the chain of blocks.


Wow, finally BINGO begins.
Two of my numbers are played.
Number 0 in column 4 and 4 in column 5.💪
So what next @sniffnscurry?.

Wow, this is good, 9 in column 6. A good start

Wowwwww... Let the games begin. M still trying to understand how its gonna be played though, but I'm sure its gonna be explained well when the time comes.

All my digits are in the column... Cant wait to understand this and PLAY!



551,303 - you have one number Oredebby being the 5 in column 2. Hopefully more of your numbers will be drawn tomorrow.



Yaaaaayyyy... Ok..... I'm just seeing the picture clearly now. Wow.. Thanks so much Sirknight. I really hope for the best. Thank uuuuu

Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!!

I am literally dancing right now...You guys are so amazing for making this happen. God will continue to bless everyone of you. @sirknight @steemchurch @sniffnscurry.

I had to watch some YouTube videos on how to play this game. I will surely participant in this. I wanna be part of history too.

Interesting! Quite a number of parishioners participated. None of my numbers were called (smiles subtly) :)

Your votes and comments are very helpful.

yayyyy!!! i got a number 4 In the 6th column.
Anticipating tomorrow's draw.

Awwwnnn so sweet, Three of my numbers were called😊😊😊😊😘

Excellent, God allow enough to be raised and be something special in history.

Finally bingo has started.
None of my numbers were called though.
Still excited.

Oh yes that is perfect us...

What an exciting game I am very happy and happy to participate, and best of all, we are all winners because when you do something for a noble cause God rewards the best rewards

This is great.
The awaited BINGO is finally here.
Let the die keep rolling.
Kudos to @steemchurch and #team
I also commend the effort of @sniffncurry and @sirknight

Wounderful am so ready for this game..... hope i win today

I've watched the video over and over and don't see any numbers called.
I don't understand how it works.

Can't wait to understand it well, can you please explain it?.


Hahhahahah you are funny. The drawn numbers are on the picture, not in the video silly.


Lol, okay.🙈


Have some cheese and cakes for
helping to explain🧀🍰


Look at the first picture well, the yellow coloured ones. One of your numbers should be there.
I guess its gonna be played 6 times.


Yeah, I've already seen it.


Please, when will the next game start? Can I send my 1 SBD at any time or I will have to wait for Game 2? @oredebby

Unfortunately non of my numbers were called, so am anticipating the next game, its exciting!!!


Us mice wouldn't be giving up just yet JJ - this might take a week of draws before we have a winner for Game 1.

Awwww. Just 2 of my numbers were called


Two numbers - great work E! Hopefully you will get another two tomorrow.

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Can I still get into the game??? I feel left out 😢

Wow Glad to see many participants keep it up 😊

SteemchurchBingo is finally here .....kindly join because it is full of fun

Really Anticipating..... Yaaaaayyyyy. BINGO!!!

@sniffnscurry I've got some biscuits and cake 🎂🥧🍪🍩 for you to munch on as we continue with the games. Enjoy 😋😋😋😋

Bad luck 😅 Non of my numbers were called.
Well its so interesting :)

I did not start so badly I have a correct number in the so-called

Wow! Bingo is here finally, so my much excitement here, @sniffnscurry doing a great job thanks

I'll try my best to run my analysis on the steem church bingo Round 1. Hope to make recommendations for the next. Happy bingoing all!

Finally Bingo is here.. So sad I missed out on this post yesterday because of illness ..Bingo is a go

I think 2 of my numbers were called

Only had 1 number called out

I'm very happy this is wonderful, this time none of my numbers were called, but I will continue until the end, just as I am a winner because they are waiting for me to help!

Here a bit of cheese for my friends @sniffnscurry while we wait for the next one!