Stable income up to 50% APY yearly providing liquidity

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Binance has liquidity swap for exchanging stable coins. You can become a liquidity provider and get up to 50% APY
Yield percentage changes all the time depending on funs in the pool and situation in the market. Main think here is that you are providing STABLE COINS. Their value does changes just couple percents ( you can provide liquidity or #stake and other cryptocurrency like FILE coin, but if its price goes down twice 80% APY will be still a loss for you


Skip next paragraph if you already have funds on exchange. If not DEPOSIT funds over bank transfer For me it took just 15minutes to get funds on the exchange from bank. If you want to transfer more than 500 eur you should verify your address with by uploading utility bill or bank statement

When funds are on finance just go to and choose hottest pair at this time. At the time of article writing I saw that when providing EUR/BUSD to the pool you get 80% APY


You can add both curriences BUSD and EUR to the pool or choose just one and it will convert f.e. EUR to BUSD automatically

That's it. It is just that simple. And you don't need to check tradingview every our to see if the prices is not dropping cause it's stable coins or currency.

PS: don't forget to use referral link when registering to save on fees