I want to tell you about a very valuable project, Dubaicoin and Arabianchain

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I know that everyone here is new, but I would like to share my knowledge and my history with this wonderful cryptocurrency. Dubaicoin is the currency with its abbreviated DBIX, this is the fuel of ArabianChain Technology, now answering And who are these people and what is their project.

With the simple name "DUBAICOIN" could draw our attention. Well yes, this is the currency of now the whales, is the NEW Arab BITCOIN, what do you mean? Covering all of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, like? Well ArabianChain Tecnology is the first decentralized public blockchain that allows the creation of intelligent contracts and decentralized self-executing applications. It is designed for companies and entrepreneurs. And all that is just the tip of the ICEBERG, and is that its CEO is one of the most influential people in Arabia, the developers are highly educated people former workers of large companies such as Microsoft.


In addition, this year it launched its own "Galaxy Wallet" Wallet to securely store DUBAICOIN and future tokens for smart contracts. Your wallet for Android and Apple is now available.


And the best! they are already doing tests to finish launching their own artificial intelligence, THURAYA AL "An artificial intelligence chatbot that allows users to create smart contracts using conversations in natural language."

It's worth investigating a little, I've spent more than a year investing in this cryptocurrency, has great potential, do not miss the train alone is worth $ 4 and will have 2 m of annual circulation, do not want a fuss as happened with ETH in your ico ...

It is already ready in Cryptopia, HitBtc, Livecoin and Palmex Exchange ... Already sent requests to be Listed in BINANCE .. Do not miss the #DBIX train!


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