Trading on Binance

in binance •  2 years ago 

Hey y'all,

With crypto's here to stay - which exchange do you use for trading purposes?

Cryptopia? Bittrex? Huobi?

I've had a look at all of the above and found Binance to be my preferance as it seems the most user friendly.

If you haven't yet got an account why not sign up using the link below:

I'd like to throw out a few coins to watch for over the coming weeks/months/years.

  1. Ripple XRP - I'd say mid/long term hold.

  2. IOTA - Again mid/long term hold.

  3. Medicalchain (MTN) - specialising in transparent patient records and have a partnership with the NHS - Long term hold

Is there any coins you believe will be big in 2018 and why?

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I prefer Waves

Any particular reason why? I have done alittle bit research on them, but didn't quite understand the concept. I believe it is similar to IOTA and Ripple as its use is the transfer of value (currency).
Ripple has already secured major partners to roll out their currency soon and I believe IOTA is doing the same, not heard about Waves partners, but that probably me not doing my research.
Thanks for the comment.