Steps to claim Binance 2020 NFT using TokenPocket

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After the introduction of Cryptokitties, blockchain took a big step once again into the development of assets now known as NFT, Non-fungible token. Soon after their development, gaming in blockchain never remained the same.

NFT as they are popular known soon moved beyond the limitations of gaming alone, we now see them being used by artists to create limited editions of blockchain paintings, arts, and what have you and just when we thought we have seen it all, Dapps, exchanges, and other platform currently running on one blockchain or another started creating their own NFT's.

An example of such a platform is Binance. Late last year, they minted their very first NFT which is called HO HO HODL, they later minted others to mark the festive seasons, each limited to certain numbers and all backed by a different and small amount of ENJ.

Soon after, we saw them trading at Enjin and Opensea at unbelievable prices, like come on, we known Binance is the biggest or one of the biggest crypto trading platform but the rate at which users bought them is rather unbelievable with no use case attached to them or is it just the collectors mindset that brought about those prices one have to wonder.

That said, being a holder of the very first NFT minted by Binance sure have a nice name attached to it xD.

Well, the festive seasons are over and a new year awaits us, a year of celebration, crypto bulling, launching of different Dapps, and what have you. To mark this joyous occasion, Binance saw it fit to mint another NFT which is totally different from the ones minted last year, this NFT stands to celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 (the year of the rat) and best part, every registered user on Binance will be getting a limited 2020 minted NFT from Binance by just following some simple steps which will be posted below.

To celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 (the year of the rat), we are issuing a brand new limited edition NFT - Happy New Year 2020 Official post from Binance

If you took part in the first event, then this is no different but if you didn't, then please follow all instructions so as to avoid any form of disqualification after submitting the form.

As usual, the NFT is compatible with ERC-1155 supported address which is available on TokenPocket, Enjin wallet, Trust wallet, and others. For this article, we shall be making use of TokenPocket and how to set up an Ethereum wallet.

Steps to create an Ethereum account on TokenPocket

TokenPocket is a multichain crypto wallet that supports BTC, ETH, EOS, IOST, TRX, and many other cryptocurrencies. It also houses an easy to use instant swap feature that allow its users to swap between cryptocurrencies. Recently, they introduced their very own Exchange called TPexchange with a trading fee of 0.095% while it offers different realtime trading prices collected from Binance, Okex, and Huobi. To sum it all up, users are also able to access different types of Dapps via TokenPocket wallet making it the no.1 go-to wallet for me and others. It can also be for you xD.

  • Download TokenPocket, if you are yet to

  • TokenPocket is available on IOS, Android, and PC

  • Launch TP and click create a wallet

  • Users can create different types of Wallet on TokenPocket, some free and others not so much.

  • For the ERC-1155 supported address, we need an Ethereum account.


  • While TP allows users to create an Ethereum account, it is also capable of restoring an Ethereum account, provided you possess one of the keys shown above but if none, then simply click create wallet

  • Backup your wallet in a safe place using the private key that will be shown to you on the next page, you can easily restore the wallet with the private key.

  • Congratulations, you have successfully created an Ethereum account that supports ERC-1155 tokens.

Steps to claim Binance 2020 NFT


  • Own a Binance account as a Binance Referral code is needed

  • Follow Binance on FB or Twitter

  • Have an address that supports ERC-1155, if you read the above then you already have this

  • Retweet this post Binance Tweet and tag one friend

  • Make a tweet with this Tag attached #BinanceCollectibles

  • Fill this Form with the required details

To get the complete rules, read this post


A maximum of one collectible can be redeemed per ETH deposit address, social media account and Binance account.

If you do not use an ERC-1155 compatible deposit address, you will be unable to receive the collectible. We recommend using Trust Wallet for a no-stress setup.

If you fail to complete one or more of the set tasks you will not receive a collectible.

To qualify you must share the collectibles give away promotion on social media either directly, or by retweeting/sharing etc.

The Binance referral ID provided must be valid.

The Happy New Year 2020 NFTs will be minted and sent to eligible addresses within 14 days of the promotion ending. Complete rules shown here

Good luck and Happy New Year

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