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RE: STEEM is on The Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency Exchange

in #binance5 years ago

That's exactly what got me signing up for Binance!


Me too... and with the strength of steem right now (vs Bitcoin), we're going to see even better interest.

Handing out upvotes to celebrate!

I already have an account! So stoked! I thought I'd never be able to trade Steem.

Mee too.This is great news

Me too! So excited!

Me too! I'm excited to see you. Following now!

I've used there sit and its super easy to sign up and use. Tip: you you buy their coin you get a discount off of all your trades!

Yes! Big tip. Having their coin also allows you to buy and sell fractions of other coins. Which is important, because if you're left with a fraction of some coins they can get stuck on the exchange!

Just a humble request that if you are going to create an account on Binance, please create it using my referral link, Thanks in advance brother

Ive been waiting for it to go on a top market!

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