Breaking News: Binance Withdrawals Re-Enabled!

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Steem coins on Binance are no longer selling for a huge discount. A million coins of the 5M liquid have already been transferred off site to bridge the arbitrage gap. I bet a couple bots made a shitload of money during that rush.

It's good that these withdraws are now open, but I now have to wonder if Sun still thinks he's getting an airdrop. He knows we are going to dump on him... he should be dumping first. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Updates to follow.


Someone reported that Mr. Tron moved a shitload of STEEM to an exchange (sorry i cannot remember which one)

thanks. i cannot remember names.

What do you think the price action is going to be like after this?

I am unloading my bags ASAP. This price makes no sense.

good call imo. I hope it works out.

Might still go up before Friday people are in airdrop madness mode.

It did go up quite a bit after i sold half of my holding, but at this point, i am fine with my decision.

No worries I did the same after the first big candle of the day. Its gonna crash hard after the fork anyways. People are going nuts we might see near $1 Steem before Fridays snapshot.

Another big green candle coming in now.

What if Justin dumps as much STEEM as possible and then waits for HIVE trading to begin and lets it dump some and then buys a bunch up and says. "All Your Base Are Belong To Us!"

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