Binance referral ID to get maximum kickback rate

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You can get a 20% lifetime discount on trading commissions on Binance's spot market by simply registering via our link.

Binance referral ID

If you have already opened the Binance registration page, you should enter the promotional code symbols in the "Binance Referral ID" field: AWDAZDEP
You can just follow referral id link, then promotional code will be already put into field.
You can check the validity of our words during registration. You will see kickback rate your account will have when you register using our referral link:
Binance Referral ID to get maximum kickback rate

How else can I reduce commission on Binance?

There are two other ways to reduce commission and get other bonuses on the Binance exchange:

  1. Activate option "Using BNB to pay for fees" here. This will allow you to reduce your fees by another 25%. Enabling this option can be found on the "Dashboard" page in the bottom right corner:
    Reduce BNB fees
  2. The more you trade or the more BNB tokens you have, the lower your commission will be. Active trading over the last 30 days/ the number of BNB tokens in your account will move you to VIP levels and commission will vary depending on them. An up-to-date table with the commissions can be found on the "Fees Schedule" page.
    Fee Schedule on Binance Exchange

How to reduce fees on Binance futures exchange

The Binance Futures Exchange has its own trading rules, and therefore its own rules on discounts on trading commissions. You can get a 10% discount on Binance's futures section (derivatives) by entering a "Futures referral code" during activating your Futures account:


Futures referral code to get lifetime kickback 10%
If you haven't account on spot exchange Binance you can use this link to register directly on Binance Future Exchange and get 10% lifetime kickback.
If you have any problems registering on the Binance exchange you can write me in Telegram @cryptoved1

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