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RE: STEEM is on The Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency Exchange

in #binance5 years ago (edited)

Fantastic news, it's about time! I hope SBD gets listed on Binance soon too.

The only downside about Binance is the dust that you keep accumulating because it doesn't let you trade to decimal places. I wish they'd finally fix that.


Totally agree! I left some coins in there because I couldn't withdraw them!

I've got a ton of coins there, but tiny fractions that I can't sell, it's not a lot, but I'd still rather be able to use that money!

Oh, I still haven't registered with Binance so thanks for the heads up

They're definitely worth registering with, it's the one exchange that tends to have the newest, hot coins on it first!

Thanks for telling me that, I'm still new when it comes to diving in the cryptocurrency market and I know I still have a lot to learn so I appreciate any new infos I can get :)

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I agree, although if you own a small amount of BNB then you can use that to pay fees. That helps avoid the fractional shares you're left with.

Yes, they do that to improve trading quality for humans.
Higher price accuracy in terms of more decimals opens up to much opportunity for bots to lurk around in the order book

Thanks for explaining that, it does make sense.

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