Blacklisted users

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@bwar @bwar-blip @cloudblade user's on this exclusive list will get no bilpcoin bpc banned for life we want to keep this space free from spam plagiarism fruad scammers farming

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please teach some problems!
Just received some nobilpcoinbpc , received them at the same time.
Among them, 3~4 articles are MUSIC that I created.
Among them, 4 to 5 articles that are related to sports.
3~4 articles that are the creation of my paper-cut art.
2 articles that are my DIY creations.
Does it mean , these category are no-conformity?
Or is it for other reasons?

You have been reported for farming BPC token's with a blacklisted user we have confirmed this so I'm sorry to tell you but you will no longer be able to make any BPC you have been blacklisted for life if you would like further information please contact us on Twitter Instagram or our official discord channel

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