Please do not onboard users with low reputation any user with low reputation will not be able to earn bpc tokens

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This user just started and made a mistake. I'm trying to help them make a turn around so they do not leave the Steem blockchain.

The rep is not in the negative, I got @steemcleaners off her back by helping her do the right thing.

Have some compassion and do a little research on the account before blasting downvotes, and you know it's a good practice to EXPLAIN why you're removing rewards.

Let's be part of the solution on Steem, not part of the problem.

When the boss is about I will ask him to contact you

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I'll stand by for a response. This is a poor reflection on the BPC team.

Really, you unfollowed me for explaining how I felt about the situation logically?

I'll have you know I'm a curator for multiple communities, and have worked with the best the Steem blockchain has to offer.

I guess I have no clue what I'm talking about...

I'm unstaking all of my BPC, effective immediately, and I will never promote this tribe ever again.

Good day to you.