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Today I'm going to try to do atleast 2 good things back to the community. One of them is, I'm burning my #ufm as I promised @steem-key. Until lately, I receive upvote from #ufm.pay only I realized they give upvote to stake holder. Oh well, I think that doesn't change my mind of burning them.


And here we go. As promised. If it's not doing me any good, I'm just going to burn it for good, instead of continue to harm the community by passing around and allowing others to self upvote or circle jerk. Good luck to #ufm. Let's turn the page and look forward on what can we contribute to the #bpc community.


As far as I know @bilpcoinbot has declared those who willingly to burn their tokens at the promote tab, they're supposed to get atleast 5 to 10BPC worth of upvote. For your information, for the past more than 2 years I was in #steem, I have never use the PROMOTE function since nobody even give a damn to the promote tab. I am shocked to see nothing here as well in #bilpcoin.


I don't know about others, but I guess I will try this function. I hit the promote button and getting ready to spend some BPC now.


Once I hit that button, I was being redirected to the setting. Since I have powered up everything from yesterday's post, today I have only 23BPC in hand. I'm going to use it wisely, until I find a way to buy more. Apologize I can't do it right now since most of my SteemP are used to purchase tokens. I will buy more when I have some free and usable SteemP around.


Tadaaa!!! One and only post in the PROMOTE column. It's probably not the best idea to do since nobody bother to check out promote tab. Since it's an exercise to burn tokens, and the official manual curation account is curating, I will try to participate as much as I can to help grow the habits of promotion instead of vote buying. Later I will promote this post as well.


Thanks for the burn this post just received 10BPC + 1 bonus bpc upvote = 11BPC

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Thanks buddy. We need to secure #bpc value somehow. Burning is only a small part of the process, and I just read the value from steem-engine, we're down 63% overnight. Unless we have rock hard investing cash, otherwise the token itself is going to lose value since we're printing a bunch everyday. Hyperinflation as I can see.

Yes we see we are down 63% .

we have some new investors that should be joining very soon.

we are nearly finished on something else but I can't really speak about it to much the boss has to announce it.

we are working on multiple use cases and we have ads on our site so they buy tokens every month .

We had a people selling who don't believe in bilpcoin but that's ok we have a strong community already and it will keep getting stronger bilpcoin was built to last

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Ok cool. I do have some #steem around as I also prepared some 600 steems for next year giving out monthly achievement to #indonesian steemians who participate. May wanna start up my portion of BPC buy back exercise if I promote #bpc to them.

Ok don't understand this part

May wanna start up my portion of BPC buy back exercise if I promote #bpc to them.

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I get the idea of limited BPC to be printed daily. The more people start "printing" #BPC, the more diversify the token going to different accounts. That however, doesn't stop the fact that bigger stake holder getting paid more. If I have to continue be one of the major stake holder, I will somehow have to buy back those tokens from people who create content and sell it. Like you said, we can't stop them from what they're doing, but buying back is one of my strategy if I have to continue getting paid in #bpc. The flow goes like:

  1. Originally, I get paid 10BPC a day
  2. I introduce BPC to 1000 people
  3. 1000 people getting paid 10BPC a day. Reward pool is 10,000BPC short
  4. If ultimately, the daily payout is only 1,000BPC, which means now 1000BPC has to be split between 1,001 person(including myself).
  5. I'm only getting paid 0.999BPC a day now

So, in order to stay ahead, I will have to increase my BPC Power, or else my payout will be shrink regardless. The only problem I'm more concern is, am I able to cope with the change.

On the other hand, I can choose to be one of them. Grab my post payout, sell it. But that doesn't do any good to #bpc. Which is why I burn my #ufm instead of selling them. If I have nothing better to contribute, I better try not to hurt the community.

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