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This is the official bilpcoin website rules please follow the rules while using our website we have built up a strong community posting daily .

most already know about the rules but here they are so you can all see them we have had many issues with groups of people working together vote farming comment farming BPC tokens this is not accepted at use your power to reward content creators you like any question please contact us here or you can find links on our website


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@crypticat as you said please it will be deactivated in 10

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Turn off bilpcoinpower from voting on my comments or my downvotes will get larger. Please leave the reggaesteem community alone.

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Fair rules but number 2 is a little unclear to me. It says only two sportstalk posts a day. Is that meant to say only two bilpcoin posts a day?

It is meant to say only two sportstalk we had a big problem with rule number 1 coming from sportstalk users

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Hey @bilpcoin, as I am a new bilpcoin fan, I have a quick question - do you have Prove of Stake for the tribe tokens?
I tried to find out but couldn't discover such text.

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