in #bilpcoin3 years ago rewards all users who use the hashtag #bilpcoin or #bpc and if you use the interface you will be rewarded with a upvote plus a @bilpcoinbot upvote

we are building up as much steempower as possible to keep supporting everyone
if you want to support this project you could by just delegating a small amount of steempower to us and it will help all users being upvoted by us if you have been upvoted by us why not delegate sometimes we might miss a vote that's because we only have limited steempower if you are not using I suggest you should start using it was built to last

So to keep active if you could delegate any amount it would really help you and everyone else we are not offering any thing for your delegation but it would make a difference all funds raised from this post will be used to powerup and buy steempower delegation.
Have you heard about yet if not I would suggest that you check out the website. you can login easy using your steemit user name and posting key or you can also use the key chain on our website you can set beneficiary rewards to who you like you can connect with with the team on discord you can find a direct link to discord channel on our website join the family at use the hashtags #bilpcoin or #bpc start earning BPC today

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