How to Build A Billion Dollar App – A Book Review

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I just read the book titled ‘How to Build A Billion Dollar App’. Written by the veteran serial entrepreneur George Berkowski, the man behind the fabled Hailo App gives a joy ride through this book. It’s one of the finest books ever written about the intricacies of app world. This meticulously detailed book gives a wonderful insight into​ the process behind making the great app. Conceptualizing the idea to making wireframes and finally giving a perfect shape to your App, it tells everything. This step-by-step guide also gives valuable info about how to take your app to the next stage – all the way to 1 billion dollar club. To put it short, it asserts the importance, creating a sticky concept, building a resourceful team and hiring the right talent at the right time to make our endeavor​ successful in the highly unpredictable world of ‘Apps.’ Quoting the several unheard real-life instances, the book provides useful information to the readers.

It’s a must read for the aspiring App builders, a ​great reference book for the creators who are in Alpha or Beta stage of the product and a wonderful resource book for everyone. Overall, it excites thrills, terrifies and gives complete gratification of reading an enjoyable book.

R. Srinivasan

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