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With blockchain technology system came about decentralisation, smart contracts, Dapps etc. Even though some platforms or projects developed on blockchain profess to be decentralised, the truth still remains that some however still have that element of centralization still embedded in their project. Also with the increase in development of projects on the blockchain technology space, certain platforms have therefore come up with certain tools which they incorporate into their system to make it stand out from the rest and some of this tools may include but not limited to consensus algorithms like PoW and PoS which respectively stands for " proof of work" and " proof of stake". While certain platforms create unique features that will make use of digital currency highly adoptable, others prefer offering solutions to already existing blockchain technology setbacks thus creating a niche for themselves. But however there also exist a system on the blockchain technology space which has been developed not to usher in a new feature in the blockchain space but to leverage on the already existing blockchain technology systems to create something unique which has never been seen before in the blockchain technology space and the system is no other than the Hybrix PLATFORM.
In reference to this article, more emphasis will be on points that basically makes hybrix platform non-comparable and much more unique and better than any other blockchain project and it's basis is that " The Hybrix platform will interlink or connect other decentralised blockchain systems to create a "TRUE" decentralised platform with h core aim of creating a protocol (colored coin) that will enhance cross-ledger operation". The essence of the HYBRIX PLATFORM is to create a platform that is technically borderless and not bound to a single ledger system but however there is more to the hybrix platform than these few stated points.




  • One can't explain the unique features of the hybrix platform without emphasising on the fact that, some other platforms uses the advanced features of specific ledger systems which in turn makes them become overly dependent on only a single distributed ledger system therefore making their projects a target for cutting edge technology and as well prompting no guarantees whatsoever for the full support of their advanced system option.

Hybrix: But with the hybrix platform, dependency on a single distributed ledger system is totally ruled out, thus giving the platform enough room to explore more grounds on the blockchain space, allowing it to be flexing with new cutting edge technologies and as well full utilisation of it's advanced options.


  • Also the issue of certain projects developed on the blockchain technology system space is that they always indulge in the creation of their own form of consensus mechanism or network system framework or well leveraging on already existing ones.
    HYBRIX: But with the hybrix platform, the concept is much more than leveraging. What the Hybrix PLATFORM did in creating their platform is that they leveraged on the data layer of the underlying infrastructure of already existing systems then merged it with their consensus mechanism creating more of like a protocol that can easily hijack ledger systems to true channel that will endorse cross-ledger assets all from the benefits of leveraging on the underlying ecosystem. But hybrix did not only leverage on said ecosystem but it also gave back to the ecosystem something much more and worthwhile. While this act of leveraging is going on by the hybrix platform, the underlying ecosystems been leveraged on will therefore benefit by hosting their protocol and also profit from the relationship cause every transaction carried out on the hybrix protocol attracts a form of transaction fee which goes directly to the network of this underlying systems yielding profits for them which also in turn serves as support to miners and stakers on their system.


  • Blockchain technology system created a hub for launching or creating cryptocurrencies that will encourage more seamless and borderless transactions on the internet which will be way better then transacting with fiat currency cause transacting with fiats are faced with many rip off strategies that makes certain unseen prospects make huge income by ripping off clients transacting on their platform and some of this prospect existed in the form of third-party financial platforms. But however, in recent times certain so called platforms developed on the blockchain technology system has gone ahead to adopt certain third-party platforms to handle their transaction basis which in turn has brought about a level of centralised system to a platform that was supposed to be fully decentralised. Also the issue of how genuine this third-party platforms are will always be a huge challenge. Also, in terms of decentralisation, certain exchange systems already existing in the space operates on a single chain or maybe solely between ledgers or blockchains that are compatible.

HYBRIX: Instead of encouraging a third-party financial intermediate which will always raise concerns on the hybrix platform in regards to how genuine or authentic they are, the hybrix platform will use a meta-level transfer protocol which will have an extendable as well as a modular design which will allow or create room for any form or kind of ledger-based economy or digital cash system to be compatible for a cross-blockchain as well as an inter-systemic transactions.


  • Also another area where the HYBRIX platform has proven to stand out form the rest of the platforms that exists on the blockchain technology space is the area of " value transfer". Basically, the concept of pseudo-trustless and permissioned solutions as means of value transfer has been adopted by many platforms on blockchain even platforms that have created some of the known cryptocurrencies in the crypto space and the present this as secure and trustless to the public. But the truth about this is that the aforementioned concept adopted by these platforms basically turns users into the product of the new financial technology gatekeepers.

HYBRIX: According to the Hybrix platform, the solution of total trustless and secured value transfer all revolves around the proper installation of a protocol or system that will enable value transfer between different ledger systems which are open by design and also decentralised as this will enable users transfer values or move units of accounts across numerous distributed ledgers creating possible options of exchanging value of ledger (on-chain) turning them back to usable tokens or crypto assets. And the protocol which the hybrix platform is proposing to make this happen is a " meta-protocol" concept. And what this meta- protocol does is to utilise the data fields or transaction attachment of an underlying blockchain, whereby value token as well as computational proof of chronological order of transactions are contained in each data block.


  • Locating " past transactions" done by users is also another area where certain blockchain technology system platforms has fallen short as users are sometimes subjected to certain process in terms of locating their transaction history

HYBRIX: The hybrix platform has made the locating of past transactions done on the platform an easy process for all it's users. With the block explorer or the hybrix multi-chain transaction history, hybrix users can easily access or locate all the transactions they have made without any stress


Other than launching a platform that operates on a multi-chain basis made possible the the HY token, Hybrix platform also incorporates features that will make it stand out from other blockchain technology system platforms.
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PS: wash your hands, stay safe and say Hybrix"HY".


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