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Greetings guys.. Hope y'all having a great time today. the world stood still yesterday as the biggest sporting event in the world the fifa world cup began in Moscow Russia. Football fanatics around the world have been waiting for 14th june 2018 for the past four years. It was indeed a glorious occasion yesterday been the opening ceremony and the first game was played between the host Russia and Saudi Arabia .

It was a very trilling encounter that saw the host humiliated their opponent by 5 unreplied goals. Most folks have been complaining of missing the game because of work schedule and other engagements. So I decided to make this posts to help those who have access to the internet not to miss any of the trilling games of the world cup.



  • UK COVERAGE: if you are living in the united kingdom; you can catch all the world cup actions live through the ITV and BBC online platforms “ITV player” and “BBC player” respectively. BBC and ITV has the live coverage rights in the UK. They also provide the best coverage for all international sporting events which includes the fifa world cup.
  • UNITED STATES COVERAGE: folks living in the United States can stream the world cup live through the FoxSports online platform “FoxSports Go” which can be accessed directly from their website or via mobile apps on playstore. FoxSports has the exclusive live coverage rights in the United States.
  • CANADA COVERAGE: if you are living in Canada then you would be very familia with the names CTV and TSN as they are the official world cup broadcasters in Canada. They also would be providing live coverage also on their online platforms through their website and mobile app.

But if you live anywhere around the world you can also access these mentioned platforms above by getting a good VPN to secure an IP address of the United Kingdom, United States or Canada to be eligible and get access to the various platforms listed above. I would personally recommend the ExpressVPN as they are the leading provider of VPN services. I have been using ExpressVPN for about six months now and I could say that they are very reliable. The most exiting part is that it cost much less than most other VPN you would find around. Cost is around $13 per month.


Signup for a VPN account at ExpressVPN and connect to a VPN sever in any of the countries listed above. If you want to connect to the BBC palyer which is what I used most times at the office and for the just concluded Egypt vs Uruguay match. Once you are connected to UK VPN sever from ExpressVPN . then visit where you can now stream live the matches with the BBC official live stream. It requires no payment or subscriptions at all at this stage. You can also just open the live streams via the BBC official website or via the BBC mobile app. This process also apply for the various platforms in the other countries listed above.

Guys I hope this information helps you not to miss any of the trilling games of the fifa world cup 2018. But if for any reason you missed any of the games don’t not as I would be posting a daily review of all the games played on each particular day. You can also follow my daily review for exclusive analysis of all the matches played each day. Which would includes all goals scored and player ratings.

Thanks so much for your time friends.


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