Green Grass

in #bigwaves5 years ago

It's another lovely weekend, and this is your boy, @murphylee

Today, I noticed this grass at my backyard and then, it dawned on my that nature us really beautiful!

If you have grasses in your house or compound, please do take out time to check and see how beautiful they are. It would surprise you how really beautiful they are. Really!

Original photo taken with my mobile phone


Original photo taken with my mobile phone

As you can see, all the photos shared were taken from my local android. Not from the internet, because original content is required in this project.

I really appreciate the great minds behind this. I enjoy doing it, because it keeps me active on this platform. So, if you are planning of getting involved with this, endeavor or do your best to keep it real. No internet post. In fact, the rule is: original content only!

Original content is what makes this platform really different from other platforms. Once you get involved, you would get used to the nitty-gritty of what it entails, and then, you would fall in love with doing it right like I did when I joined.

It really helps you to stay active on bear. Don't miss the chance to be an active member, please never do!

You know what? You could join me in this this is how:


Monochrome is abstract, color is not. Looking at a black and white photograph, you are already looking at a strange world. Personally this is my favorite#weekchallenge. You can post any of the monochrome photos in this day under the tag#monochromesaturday.

Please, share your thoughts!

Tell me what you think about natural beauties? I mean the great things God created? Ain't they lovely? Attractive? Appealing to the eyes and other senses? Don't you feel like touching them? Having them in your hands? Haven't you ever imagined touching some that seem impossible to touch, like the cloud? Don't you love the fragrance of beauty and attractive flowers? Don't you?

(Please, feel free to share your thoughts)


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