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I use to be an avid reader.

It's not like I don't read again but I no longer do it with a tint of craze and addiction. I hope to jump out of the rehab soon and get back to my addictive reader persona. My reason for such addiction then was solely built on the premise of need.

I wanted to do something, I needed to know something that is deep within the crevices of the literature I consumed, so I dug , exhumed and consumed voraciously. Now, I have to work hard to use the things I have learnt ,that is, reducing the learning for the sake of the execution.Things like this are needed sometimes.

Over the years, I have seen many that knows so much but have executed so little, and believe me, the best learning is hands-on. It is multi-dimensional in effects, much stronger than what can be done in the premise of letters and literature.

This is not to say knowledge is an underdog besides execution. In fact, many a great men have favored education over execution, that is , they read and act little. I am forced to think

this builds up who we are , to the extent where we begin to have a Midas touch because all our actions are much more informed.

Are fictions a good source of knowledge?

Does reading about Jack and Jill make me smarter?

Well, Mark Zuckerberg was an avid classic reader.

Jeff Bezoz read fictions too.

Many people loved Shakesperean Literature because of the fictional lessons it seemed to add.

All this is not enough is exactly espouse Fictions as a good source of knowledge or life guide. Nevertheless, there are also no reasons why we could say fiction is no source at all. No one can blatantly shade fiction like that. No matter what , fiction is still a mirror of life. Good fictions bear strong resemblance to contextual reality. In fact, I am forced to believe

that is how the authenticity is measured. Reading a fiction book is synonymous to living through the setting of the literature piece. With all this being said, it means fiction gives un-lived experience through the highly descriptive settings of a book. This , in itself, is a form of knowledge that can not be considered in-existent for no reason at all.

Can knowledge be gained by means of Meditation?

Yes. You don't have to agree with me. You really don't have to. Meditation is a spiritual thing. It might not be to you what it is to me. One thing, I consider really universal is the fact that mediation helps for analysis and making of inferential conclusion because it is one thing to know much , it is another to re-combine knowledge for an intuitive conclusion.

Is there really anything else to say? I guess not.

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