Does steem really give a fork?

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there is something psychologically impressive about this picture.

So, is steem broken?

Yes, it is but , for me, it is broken only because nothing is perfect in reality. Anything deemed perfect is only being re-created in imagination and branding to fit that status, like a perfectly shaped mirage, emerging from distance from disappearing on approach.

Where am I going with all of this? A lot of people, as of recent, have tried jumping ship (although not completely) from steem to other paying network but it remains clear that steem reigns supreme, at least , as of now.

Most of the alternative network's coin are not majorly listed. So what are we earning? For the future, Yes,maybe.

What am I saying again? There is nothing wrong in trying new places. it is not bad. A lot of people are feeling bad and angry for the numerous projects forking steem. Well, does anyone really have a right to that state of freedom? I doubt that. The moment steem decided to be open-source which I think is a needed cultural l decision that kicked off from the start , it would have been clear to them that they stand the risk of being forked. That is even if it is a risk at all.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a kind of tribalism in the air. Recently, I saw a caption of saying something like "Steem is not allowing you to post, come on"(paraphased).
Well, that is very tribal and uncooly- competitive. Shading a project you forked! . Here is the deal, though. Steem is light years (or some few years) beyond all this forks. If steem goes down for even a whole day, there is no jumping ship for us, at least not completely. Many people will use other forks but will never leave. My thoughts , though.

Steem works with all its economic ,social and technical infrastrustures in place even if they are not perfect yet. More so, Steemit Inc , the company behind the forks and the Steemit dAPP are progressive in action. Progression , most especially technical progression, for me, is the major sign for a technical project that is aimed for the moon.

No matter how broken they are, they will moon eventually or better said, they have a higher propensity to survive.

Golos is there, I doubt if they have a better development progression as steem, unless they plan to piggyback on steem's upgrades. They can, if they want to. It's an open source world.
Anyways, don't get me wrong to think I am shading an alternate network. I am on, I am yet to make a post, maybe I will when I smoke my first joint together with my teetotaler girlfriend who is also registered there.

I am also on whaleshares. I love whaleshares, only that , it looks more like a tribe domicile on discord, you just can't write and hope to get rewarded for your value unless you start lurking around on discord. I think they need curators like steem does, instead of the witness talks that seems to fill the air mostly.
The discovery rate on steem is better than that of whaleshares even though whaleshares has a better chance at that than steem. More so, whaleshares seems a better variant of steem than any of the copycats ( i don't intend that as an insult) In fact, they somewhat claim to be a mashup of graphene-bitshares fork than a steem fork. I hope they correct the curation issue. More so, I really don't think whaleshares has a socially decentralized DPOS system, seen some people running multiple witnesses under different names. I am scared of that, when DPOS as a system was created to sacrifice a little decentralization for performance,I doubt it ever intended for such.

The good part of whaleshares is that they are trying hard to do it better but if there are no non-discord-followership reward for posts, then, it is breaking from the beginning.

Also, I think witnesses, although selfless, are not paying attention to the fact that every steem-like system that is not focused on reward will fail eventually and fast.

Maybe I should talk about, weku is less than a minimum viable product in terms of social, technical and economic trust. Here is why? About two weeks ago, their witness page was empty , forcing me to conclude that the whole codes run as a centralized system. Although this week, I can now see a visible witness (intminer) on the page.

Also, no one knows where to sell weku dollars. If there is a place to do that, then they have really sucked at letting people know that and that is a big turnoff . More so, why are they running on That disgusts. Why not a main domain name? Why a sub domain name that bears no resemblance to what the site seems to be about?

Although, weku seems to have some sense of seriousness as they have been trying hard to have some curation structures in place like the wekucleaners and i think they have their own kind of curie., and , the list is endless. They seem all good. I love whaleshares in particular , not as much as steem though but they need to start upvoting people without them coming over to discord to make themselves known , steem does that but it is not that bad. I only started attending steem shows some few months back, my votes has been organic. Whaleshares should do that.

I love Steem. it is not perfect but better than the rest and most of all, it is a crypto-unique that stood the bitcoin talk shades and rose above to compete against them as a default blogging platform for the whole crypto world, even the eos guys don't think it is worth leaving completely, their eyes is still swerving to the steem direction.

Steem is a rocking ship that is bent on making it home.

Fork More, if you want.

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Steem is the best. Always will be

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I am in Whaleshares as well, and if there's more or better communitiea out there, I'd most likely sign-up too.. However, I Don't think Steem is broken. I think it's just a stage. The problems have always been there, the hypes were there as well to sell whatever we had despite the problems. I think it's generally an issue of demotivation due to the low price than anything else. And even that, will change with time. Crypto charts are sine waves. Troughs and peaks.