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Big ONE Exchange is everything you want in an exchange service, easy to use, fast, secure and mobile friendly.

The graphs are editable and you can quickly switch over to other coins in a breeze. It features the latest ICO coins you want to start investing in EOS, MCO, ADA, ELF, LINK and many more no Dead coins here.

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There are many pros, however I did had an issue funding my account, most of the wallets where not ready yet, only BTC, LTC, BCH, where giving me an Address. and they value security so in order to withdraw they require ID verification with Photo ID and Face ID holding the ID and Date with Big.One written on the paper.

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The most interesting thing i found was all the Different Bitcoin forks included on this exchange, if you hold BTC forks this may be a black to put them to work in the near future. Bitcon Gold, Diamond and Bitcoin Faith, you gotta have faith!.


So if you are looking for a quick profit stay with however if you are looking for a fast, secure and long term exchange for these new coins look no further for the Big One

check it out at

donate doge: DCHg6wc9685jzBHdK6iDnfcqpHeYcTbzPy

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If I wrote this post I would change the end to "if you are looking for a quick profit then stay in your dayjob"! Long-term wealth is not gained over night my friends and anyone who tells you it is, is misleading you!

I have made it my purpose to educate people on long-term, successful investing rather than shots in the dark. If this resonates with anyone check out my posts, and if you follow me I will follow you back!


Flowed you looking forward to you postst. seems ok long term hold is to deep research and hold your coins for 5-10 years ... we are still verry early in this space

Do you know anything about their trustworthiness? Their site is super slick and looks great, but I was hunting around for some info, and I found an article that said no one knew anything about the company behind the exchange...