We Made It! Thank You From The Quadrant Team

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The day has come, and Quadrant’s token sale has officially ended. Our team has been working for nearly a year to make this a reality, and it has been even longer since we first identified the problem Quadrant is solving. It has been a long road of deciding to build our solution and to do a token sale, but here we are.

Now starts a whole new journey, with a new mainnet and a new token. In this journey, it’s up to us deliver on the promises we have made so far. Before we move on though, I want to thank all the people and groups without whom this moment would not have been possible.

First — our amazing Quadrant Protocol Team, which has spent so many countless hours — sometimes 120 per week or more — to make this moment a reality. Barkha, Sharique, and Roger who worked round the clock to make sure our technology was second to none. Marlina, our front end developer who made sure our website was top-notch and could handle the traffic associated with a public sale. Navas on marketing and Nikos community support, who managed to cater to a community of people all around the world on a 24-hour schedule. It goes without saying that we owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of our families for all the long days and cancelled vacations.

We also want to thank our Advisors, who have been like an army marching with us: Ben Chan, Dorjee Sun, Everett Leonidas, Whit Walker, Jeremy Seow, Hari Krishnan, Pavel Bains. Our corporate advisors, Kenetic and Chainrock, were also indispensable.

Of course, we couldn’t have gotten where we are without our VC investors — Wavemaker, Draper Venture Network, and Openspace Ventures. They believed in us early, and we will be forever grateful. We send the most heartfelt thanks to all of our private sale investors, who come from all over the world. A map of all of them can be seen at quadrantprotocol.com.

I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight the contributions of AmaZix, who provided excellent service to our global community. Likewise, Angle42 did a phenomenal job managing our overall communications strategy and making sure the right messages were getting to the right audiences at all times. On security — which is so crucial in this space — we are indebted to Hosho for their smart contract audit; our smart contract held throughout the sale. Horangi similarly did an excellent job on website security and Cynopsis throughout the KYC/AML process.

I want to thank our partners — Bluzelle, Effect.AI, and Media Protocol. We thank you for your support and are excited to build the future together. And finally our lawyers in Singapore, Tzedek, who did a top-notch job start to finish.

This is the start line, not the finish line. We have a number of important milestones coming up in just the next few months. In the next 30 days, our Mainnet and token will be live. In August, I will be hitting the road through China and South Korea to meet new partners and collaborators. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to come say hello!

A final word on the outcome of the sale. As stipulated in our white paper, unsold tokens will be locked for 2 years in a publicly viewable wallet. After that time, if we think it appropriate, we will contemplate a secondary sale. But remember: as a result of this token sale, we have enough budget to build out Quadrant Protocol for five years, ensuring that we can build partnerships, our user base, and our client base to deliver on our promises.

Finally — thank you to the community!!! We would not be where we are without you.

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