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Framasoft, google replacement corp.

Framasoft is a french association who propose alternatives to google's service like drive, google doc... and other GAFAMs. Their goal is to propose free and open-source service, who don't track you and don't keep informations from you.

The Framas

Framasoft propose a lot of services, they choose an Open-source free software, and they give a free access through their websites. They don't sell informations, they don't put ads, and the community is great! They finance their work by a crowd-funding called "de-google-ify internet":


In disorder:

  • Framanotes, a simple way to store and share totally encrypted notes, images, password, little files (<50Mo)
  • FramaTalk an alternativ to... Skype! ;D just create a room (with password or not), no need account, send URL and you have videoconference, chat... with who you want!
  • Framindmap a site for... mind maps (quite obvious ;D)
  • They propose also social networks: Framasphere (from Diaspora) and Framapiaf (an instance of Mastodon)
  • Framatube as video hosting site (no public hosting yet) who will use P2P live sharing (more details here), it will be founded on PeerTube and will open on March 2018.

The apps

Framasoft provide also a list af free softwares/musics/books... To make everyone happy!


This organisation is pretty interesting and do a great job! The only problems are due to the fact that Framasoft is a small association (eg: framadrive which has a small capacity, or even translations that are not all done in English). But the interest is great and i hope they will succeed to propose even more free and anonymous services and more... By the way, they recently proposed a new goal: Contributopia (more details here) to make even more stuff!

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This will replace google?


Hi! sorry for the late (one month :D), but i've just seen your comments! It depends, this organization can and want to do so, but it'll replace google, only if almost everybody decide to quit google for Framasoft, but a lot of peoples are already interested, for example, the crowdfunding had gifted a lot of money to the association!