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I drive a cab up here in New Hampshire. It used to be days but now it's nighttime. Have you ever noticed how things seem to go on and on the same , no variety no change , no adventure. You realize you have no real freedom you got them bills to pay and signs to obey. It's summer and the taxi gig sucks. I've done 12 hour shifts and brought home after gas. dispatch fee. insurance . then 50% split . A grand total of $40. bucks. UBER . Piss poor economy I don't know , you tell me . People used to tip . Not so much anymore . So it's Time to get creative . Take a big step . So suddenly out of nowhere everything is going to change. YEhaaaaaa. I think I can do better for 12 hours work than to scrape in a lousy $40 beans. So I am launching - AMAZING SPRAY ART- By Peter Collins Local artist Nashua N.H. I hope to get a digital camera to inventory my beautiful paintings. I am not an outgoing bold person but you never know till you try . Ill be setting up in downtown and do the street performer gig . I'm nervous . But it's time for a big step . Wish me Good fortune.


It's an Election Year
It Appears All Hell is Breaking Loose
I can't believe People are actually recognizing this
I've seen People stocking up like mad
really creepy
keep steemin

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