Deep Statists Anticipate Windfall from Tiktok Ban or Acquisition

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When The Media Says "Experts" They Mean Paid Corporate Shills (Part 29)

The deep state is not limited to the revolving door between the managers of regulatory agencies and the industries under their purview (Part 2, Part 3 & Part 11), or Whitehouse cabinet appointments and unregistered lobbying gigs that bypass ethics rules requiring gap years (Part 28), or between cabinet appointments and private equity firms (Part 13), or between cabinet appointments and Wall Street or between cabinet appointments and defense industry funded think tanks (Part 10). Sometimes the appointees are still on the payroll of their corporate master while doing “public service” on an executive appointed advisory committee of outside “experts” (Part 7 and Part 21) or a congressionally appointed commission. The latter is the role Jacob Helberg has as an official member of the U.S. -China Economic and Security Review Commission created by congress through the 2001 NDAA and as a paid “senior” policy advisor to the CEO of Palantir, which holds hundreds of millions in defense department contracts and received In-Q-Tel seed money when it started. He is also an adjunct senior fellow for Technology and Security at the defense industry funded Center for A New American Security, which as I mentioned in (Part 10) is where Biden obtained 16 of his cabinet members for various foreign policy and national security roles (15 with Nuland’s resignation). Palantir stands to profit from increased tensions between the two countries, which a Tiktok ban would surely increase, specifically in an AI arms race, which Palantir has already been awarded a quarter billion dollar contract for last year. Keeping the yellow peril at the forefront of congressional fears will ensure more and larger contracts in the future. Palantir’s co-founder and current VC investor Peter Thiel has made this obvious, even going so far as to criticize Alphabet Inc. for being too “cozy” with China for collaborating with Chinese Universities on AI development. Palantir’s COO also regularly brings up China as a focal point in their quarterly earnings reports.

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