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Quick MercuryBot Update

In the past 2 weeks @mercurybot got bigger and stronger.

MercuryBot received an increase of 48,000 delegated Steem Power for a new total of over 103,000.

What does this mean for you? It means you can access MercuryBot more readily and get larger bids if you are willing to bid higher.

Not really sure how a bidding bot works? Read on.

Current MercuryBot Rules

  1. Bid on posts only. (No Bids on Comments allowed.)
  2. Maximum post age must be under 84 hours (This is 3.5 days)
  3. Accepted currency - SBD or STEEM
  4. The minimum bid is 0.10 Steem or 0.10 SBD
  5. There is no maximum bid--please use common sense--if you bid more than is profitable, this is your mistake and will not be refunded
  6. Here is a handy tool created by @yabapmatt that will help you with your bidding decisions. Just like any tool--it should be used carefully and you should manually double check your amounts before placing a vote.
  7. Refunds will not be issued for situations where you think your vote wasn't profitable.
  8. Refunds will only be issued if you actually did not receive your vote.
  9. After you place your bid, please wait at least 5 hours before contacting me about a missed vote--you can contact me by simply leaving a comment on any @mercurybot post. I check messages about once a day, so please just leave one message. If I haven't responded within 24 hours, feel free to leave another.
  10. Thanks for using @mercurybot


Here's how it works:

  1. Copy the URL of the post / comment you want @mercurybot to vote on
  2. Navigate to your Wallet
  3. Select Transfer under Steem Dollars
  4. Populate To field with "mercurybot"
  5. Populate Amount field min "0.1" SBD or "0.1" STEEM
  6. Paste URL into Memo field
  7. Submit


Not Sure What A Bidding Bot Is?

A Vote Bidding Bot allows you to bid on a partial upvote of the bidding bot's full strength vote.

A new bidding round opens every 2.4 hours.

For example: Let's say Diana Dolphin and Mike Minnow both bid in the same voting round. They are the only bidders. If Diana Dolphin bids 2 SBD and Mike Minnow bids 4 SBD then Diana Dolphin will get 33.33% of that round's full upvote and Mike Minnow will get 66.66% of that round's full upvote.


Don't sit around hoping your voice is heard, use @mercurybot to make sure your audience hears you in this busy world.


I hope your bot does well, I wish a bot was available that stopped taking money before the return goes into a minus value as seen on bot tracker.

Not saying there is anything to complain about with your bot, but they need a shake up with a new bot with better features.

Giving your bot a try! All the best.

Done forget follow and upvote at my account @ryanrizky, thanks😊

happy Valentine's Day.

This is a good information. By the way Happy Valentine's Day!❤You are an amazing guy.thanks for all you support.

Thanks @mercurybot, keep up the great work.

wow!!!!!!!!!!!, congrats :)

Good post bro. @mercurybot

Nice post :)
Upvote me

Nice work,thanks for the enlightenment @mercurybot

Hello mercurybot.
Sir I send you 0.2 sbd to

This post but i can't get you upvote.
Why? Sorry my langauge.
It not my mother language.IMG_20180214_235747.jpg

You do have your upvote on that post--check and you will see.

I'm trying to understand fully how this works. So I understand correct that the value of your upvote is based on the number of people using the bot each 2.4 hour?

Exactly. All the votes values are totaled. Then the bot votes for each person that bid in proportion to how much they bid. If twenty five bids are made for a total of $50. Then a $5 bid would receive 10% of the total vote for that round and a $1 bid would receive a 2% vote for that round of bidding.

That means if a lot of people use the voting bot, it will result in a loss for all these users. And if almost no one uses it, the few people using it will make huge profits.

I guess this will be a rethoric question, but can you confirm my theory is correct?

Yes, that is correct. Both of those scenarios do happen with bidding bots. There is a website called steembottracker that helps bidders see if their bid would be wise or not--as in, it helps them see the current total bid for each bot and if there might be value for them to bid on any particular bot.

Thank you for answering my questions!

I hope you can be so kind to help me one more time. As I have some additional questions.

1 why is the bot voting each 2.4 hours?
2 why do people delegate VP to these bots?
3 are the voting bots working fully automated?

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@mercurybot me send 0.5 steem you are not upvoted my post check plz


Refunded by BigPanda--sorry about the failed bid.

This isn't the correct place to put your link. When you send in a bid, you need to put the link in your comment field on the transfer of funds. You keep putting "mercurybot" in the comment field. That is an invalid bid.

Kenapa votes transfer SBD saya ke @mercurybot makin berkurang, hilang satu satu votes nya.


I already transfer 0.1 sbd
I Miss your vote

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