Delegators will now receive a 17% increase in daily rewards!!

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Earn more with @cabbage-dealer than ever before!

To make cabbage-dealer an A-Class investment choice for delegators, I am hereby renounce the rewards I earn from my own personal stake in @cabbage-dealer, and will instead pay these personal rewards to those who make @cabbage-dealer a reality, my delegators.

I am very grateful for my delegators, and want to continue showing them superior rewards for their investment choice. This donation of personal rewards to delegators will make @cabbage-dealer an investment consideration to many more eager investors, and with their investment not only will @cabbage-dealer grow, but the rewards it's delegators receive will grow in parallel.

Let's grow together! Join @cabbage-dealer by delegating today.


i need upvot i have sent 0.05 sbd but didnot get the up vote it is not good i want my money or upvote

My apologies, you will receive a vote on your post in a few hours

me too need my upvote, i have 2 days waiting my upvote.!

here is my transaction: hace 23 horas Transfer 0.010 SBD from yoendrit

You got a 40.00% upvote from @cabbage-dealer courtesy of @crassus!
100% of earnings are paid out to delegators daily! Delegate today!

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Nice Day! see this: hace 23 horas Transfer 0.010 SBD from yoendrit

I transfer you for your upvote, and don't you upvote my post.!

Please help!

Sorry about that, i have refunded you 0.01 SBD.

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