Introducing SUNRAWHALE : 10k SP Bid Bot For Minnow!!!

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Dear Steemit Community,

I am very happy to introduce to a new bidding bot @sunrawhale. The main purpose of the bot is to help minnow for making their quality post visible and to help the community to grow.

Currently the bot is listed on I am thankful to @yabapmatt for creating the steem bot tracker.

We are currently running with 10000 SP!

Screenshot-2018-2-18 Robot - Free pictures on Pixabay.png

pixabay royalty free

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What is a @sunrawhale Bidding Bot?

A Vote Bidding Bot gives you an opportunity to place bid of any amount in SBD or STEEM above the minimum and once the bot account reaches 100% voting power it splits a 100% upvote between all of the bids placed by the bidders for that period.

Example Bids open every 2.4 hours. Mr. A and Mr. B both bid in the same voting batch. If Mr. A bids 6 SBD and Mr. B bids 4 SBD, Mr. A will get a 60% upvote and Mr.B will get a 40% upvote.

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  1. Copy the URL of the post you want @sunrawhale to upvote.
  2. Navigate to your Wallet.
  3. Select Sub Heading STEEM DOLLAR or STEEM Select Transfer Then Click Under “To” @sunrawhale.
  4. “Amount” 0.1 SBD or 0.1 STEEM (Minimum).
  5. “Memo” Paste URL of Post.
  6. Submit.

Screenshot-2018-1-21 Collection of decorative page dividers.png

We Follow Community rules

Screenshot-2018-2-18 Robot - Free pictures on Pixabay(1).png

pixabay royalty free

  1. Bid on posts only. (Bids on Comments not allowed).
  2. Maximum post age must be under 3.5 Days or 84 Hours.
  3. Plagiarism Content/Copy Right Content/Spamming will be blacklisted with immediate effects.
  4. Automatic Refund for invalid bids.

Screenshot-2018-1-21 Collection of decorative page dividers.png


Looking forward to bid whenever it is available. There is also a request to bidders, please bid with responsibility. Donot bid when there is already a negative ROI.

how will we know if there is a negative ROI?! Will help you with this. In the list of bots present on the site, check for a "detail" tab present on the right hand side. Click on it and new screen will open.


The new screen will look something like this.

negative ROI.JPG

Here in the above photo i have marked the place where it shows negative ROI. when the bot shows negative ROI you should not bid for it because you will lose money there. There are many who bid even after seeing negative ROI.

If the screen show green then that means these bots are giving positive ROI. You can bid on these bots but be careful only bid for the value that is remaining. Do your own calculation. If the bot has 5$ worth of vote left and you bid more than 2.5 sbd then that means you are going to go under loss. If you bid for 2 dollars then you will get positive ROI. If someone decides to bid after you then it is his choice and he might run you for a loss.

Negative ROI happens in the last 5 minutes mostly. Some people randomly bid based on luck with out doing calculations at all.

I hope this helps.

omg thanks this is very helpful!!!

i just started with these things so yes, there is much to learn!

hope I get my money back LOL

seriously ha!

I had no clue!

again thanks! i would ask for more clarification but you've done more than enough here!


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