The Most Profitable Bot on Steemit!

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Hear ye, hear ye, come one and all to discover the most profitable bidbot Steemit has ever seen? "Well, how is this possible?" one might say. "There's no way any bot can offer massively profitable bids and not be the most popular!" Well, it's a slight of hand trick that allows them to be the best without receiving the attention they deserve. Instead of taking in hundreds of Steem and renting delegations to sell bids, they calculate when is the most profitable time to send in a bid to other Bidbots such as @postpromoter and @appreciator and send it to them to ensure you earn the largest bang for your buck!


"What is this incredible bot?" you may be asking.

This incredible, original, completely unique is named... drum-roll please... Yep. The name is incredible and original, I'm surprised anyone was able to think up of that one!

Jokes aside, this bot is truly amazing. Steembottracker is a website that shows you the current statistics for bidbots and their ROI periods, allowing you to carefully pick and choose, searching through each one to find the bot with the best ROI, then losing it when someone get's their bid in before you. Well, gone are the days of needing to do that! Now with you can just send them the SBD to purchase upvote credits, head over to their website, and buy some upvotes! Sound too complicated? Well, here's a step by step guide of how to do it! (Trust me, it's easier then it sounds.)

Well, here we go!

  1. Go to and click "Log In" in the top right hand corner.

  2. Log into your account using Steemconnect, like you would any other service

  3. Once you've logged in, go to and choose how many credits you would like to deposit. Keep in mind 1 Credit = 1 SBD, as shown below the Credits table.

  4. Once you've chosen how many credits you would like to deposit, you next choose what payment method you would like to use. I suggest using SBD, since it's often the cheapest since it's always 1 credit per SBD.


  1. Once you've deposited your credits, you go to and paste a link to your Steemit post in the place where it says "Link to Steemit Post." Make sure you put your the link, who knows if other websites such as work or not!
  1. Here's where the fun begins! You can choose how quickly you want to receive upvotes in the section directly below the "Link to Steemit Post" box.


Quick Rundown of ROI and Speed

Instant - You may not reach ROI, but you will receive all of your upvotes withing 2 hours.

Express - Less likely to not reach ROI, and takes 8 hours to fully upvote.

Fast - About +3% profits on what you initially deposited, but will take 24h to fully upvote.

Standared - About +5% profits on what you initially deposited, but will take up to 2 days to fully upvote.

Slow - About +10% profits on what you initially deposited, but will take up to 3 days to fully upvote.

If you weren't able to guess, the extra time it takes to reach larger profits is because the bot is waiting until the best time to send in a bid for certain bots. Instead of you having to wait countless hours constantly watching the ROI tab on Steembottracker, you can just send in your SBD once and the bot will automatically wait for the best ROI for you!

I completely suggest using the Slow delivery time for your bids since the profits are huge compared to the other options. This definitely goes to show how time is literally money!

Now, for the other features!

Another great thing about bid bot is the slider they provide. This slider estimates how much attention you get for however much money you decide to use. They show estimations of how ma ny people will see your promoted blog, how many likes you will get, how many comments you will get, and even how many re blogs you will get from promoting your post with them. These numbers may y y y be a little skewed due to bidbots commenting on your post or people with followbots reblogging your post, but often times they do reach their estimates!

I forget what number we are on) Once you have set all the sliders to where you want it to be and done the tiddly wink and winky dink and set it up, you click " Boost for x x x Credits " and that's it ! You have successfully submitted your bid to the most profitable bidbot on Steemit ! Now just wait a couple hours / days depending on what setting you set it for, and you will receive upvotes from many different upvote bots !

Want to do track your upvotes ? You can scroll down a little bit to the " Activites " section of the Dashboard, and there you can see how many credits you spent and how much of that has already been used.


Here, you can see I spent 10 credits to upvote a post I created over on the @KiwiBot account. They have already spent about 5.773 of my credits, and I have received about $12 in upvotes from multiple bots, including emperor of naps , bid bot, and sneaky ninja. Link to see that post here

Honestly, $12 for 5.773 SBD is incredible in the current Steemit climate. I spent 10 SBD on that post, and should receive about $10.010 in SP from that post if the payment stays the same. This is incredible, and I honestly can not wait to use this service more. If you want to learn more about @Bid.Bot, you can check out a good friend of mine @Charitybot who is doing a giveaway, giving away SBI shares for delegating to Go check em out!

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And how do they "calculate" what time is the best to upvote via another bot? I know many like me look at quiet times to strike and still I loose some times. But I will study further tonight.


Bid.Bot waits until near the last second check how full that bidding round is to send in a bid. They wait until the bidding round is less full then normal and send in a bid.


Some say wait till the the U.S goes to bed.

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Thank you

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Very interesting, can you choose which bots you want to use?


No, it will automatically choose the best bots for that time.


Does this bot insta vote on bots that offer + 25% ROI like @profitvote which is very hard to get on?


No, the boy currently only uses bidbots, but you can certainly bring this idea up to the owner in their discord.


Ok thanks 😀 Resteemed.

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Is this amount for one time like only??? I am new to steemit, i once gave a little steem power to some hoping it will upvote whenever i will post new blog, but it did once only resulting into 0.08 something dollar only. I think i went in loss. What do you think?

Extremely cool bot! Thanks for sharing!

I'm surprised it has taken this long for someone to create this bot/service. Then again, I didn't try to make it because it was well beyond my capabilities. ^.^

Of course, I can't afford this service, not having a full SBD to spend.

Do you know how this bot handles underperforming bots? For example booster has been running at -100% ROI lately, not sure I would want to part with my cash if that is still included, thanks.