Cool Bot is Here for Minnows!

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Hi there Steemit!

Cool bot here, with a little update on things!

Are you a new to Steemit and a minnow and aren't getting a lot of votes? Cool bot can help! It takes as little as 0.001SBD to send and be eligible for a vote from Coolbot! And since Coolbot is still very new, you have a good chance of getting a 100% upvote for that 0.001 bid. Currently, Coolbots upvote is worth about $0.08!

If more people put their bids in too, don't worry, as coolbot is configured to only accept up to 80% value of bids for the vote so you won't have the problem of getting back less than you bid!

Give it a shot, try Coolbot today!


how to do it?


To use coolbot, go to your wallet and click on your steem dollars balance, there will be a drop down and you should click on "Transfer". Then in the "To" box, type coolbot. For the amount, you can do as little as 0.001 or as much as 0.01. Then in the memo you need to put the link to your post that you want coolbot to vote on, and then press the Send button.


I hope that helps you!

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