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RE: Bot Updated !

in #bidbot4 years ago

Dear Team @upmewhale, yesterday 12/30 i raised my delegation to your service from 3 k SP to 10 k SP, but i got less steem in return then i usually had with the 3 k delegation.
Could you please ceck this!
Best regards and a happy new year!


all bot updates after payout.

Thanks a lot for your perfect service brother!
I understand it now.
Only the best for 2019!
Steem on!

Stupid people always underestimate the transparency of blockchain and you made the same mistake.

@steeminvesting you are already running @upmewhale and your handler account is @alishannoor. I do know that you have other Alt spam accounts too.

Your accidental reply from @steeminvesting account is proof of this, you tried to delete your other comments but what you don't know is that they are still visible on blockchain.

So stop lying about being so innocent.

@trumpman, @anthonyadavisii, @crypto.piotr, @fiveart, @acesontop, @runicar, @whatsup

Why did you tag me to your comment? You made me curious...🤔

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hi @xpose

Im also curious how did I end up mentioned by you, Just like @acesontop and others?

Do we even know each other?


Interesting find but needs some !popcorn

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Love you sense of humour @anthonyadavisii :)

Thanks, @crypto.piotr! My humor is like the weather. It varies. Maybe you will want to check out my latest meme video. Warning: It may be kind of edgy but maybe kind of fun, too.

Not sure if you were aware of @steemflagrewards. That's my project, a labor of love to the Steem blockchain, and I promote it in there.

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Thanks Dear! Hope you understand now the system

Fantastic friend congratulations

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