@luckyvotes sort of went well...

in bid-bot •  7 months ago

I placed a bit with @luckyvotes, worth 0.135SBD. 

It looks like I'm going to get 0.15SBD back, which (if I can do maths) is a 1.1 (recurring) profit. Not brilliant, but not awful - and I'll get some extra steem power too. If I can get some extra steem power I'm thinking about creating an exclusive upvote and resteem bot. It'll have a whitelist, and you can message me to get your name added. The bot will have a guaranteed minimum profit of 3x, with the remaining amount refunded to users. 

I'm also wondering if anyone would be interested in creating an "invest in a user" app, where you can invest money in a user and get a proportionate share of their profits. Users would need to be ranked, with an overview of their profits over the past year, month and day. 

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