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The investment project InFile is designed as a startup offering unique technology for storing data on cloud servers. The official website details the story of talented developers who have worked since 2018 to create a safe and cheap technology to store big data. The company recently presented its product and launched four deposit lines for private investors. Now anyone who has a free amount of $ 50 or more can anonymously invest in a promising startup and get from 1.2% to 2.5% dividends per day.

Investment offer

Deposit lines on are presented in the form of buying cloud storage. Depending on the amount you are ready to invest, the project offers the following terms:
• 1.2% daily for investments from $ 50 to $ 2499.
• 1.5% daily for investments from $ 2500 to $ 7499.
• 2.0% daily for investments from $ 7500 to $ 19999.
• 2.5% daily for investments from $ 20,000 to $ 50,000.
The platform provides an opportunity to deposit and withdraw earned funds in BTC, ETH, TRX, USDt. There are minimum withdrawal amounts for each coin: 0.0003 BTC, 10 USDT, 0.01 ETH and 350 TRX.

Strengths of the project

Among the positive aspects of the investment platform InFile, investors note:
• Invest in a crypto by registering anonymously without specifying personal data;
• Flexible investment programs with high daily interest rates;
• 100% transparency of transactions and no hidden fees;
• Professional level of personal data protection and cybersecurity;
• Support service that instantly responds to any user’s request;
• Fast transfer of funds to an internal wallet.

Affiliate program

The site has a profitable 4-level affiliate program. Bonuses are credited according to the following scheme:
• 1st level partners: 5% of the deposit;
• 2nd level partners: 1% of the deposit;
• 3rd level partners: 0.5% of the deposit;
• 4th level partners: 0.5% of the deposit.

Also, partners are credited with a fixed cash bonus when a certain amount of cash flow is reached:
For $ 2500 cash flow - $ 100 bonus;
For $ 5000 cash flow - $ 250 bonus;
For $ 7500 cash flow - $ 300 bonus;
For $ 10,000 cash flow - $ 500 bonus;
For $ 15000 cash flow - $ 750 bonus;
For $ 500,000 cash flow - $ 5,000 bonus

How to invest?

1. Go through the registration procedure;
2. Fund your account in a suitable currency;
3. Activate the deposit and get dividends;
4. Withdraw dividends to an external wallet;
5. Withdraw the deposit no earlier than 31 days after the start (to avoid 10% commission for early withdrawal).

Everything is simple and transparent. Good luck with your investment!

Before registering and making a deposit, be sure to check the current status of the Infile App project (“paying” or “not paying”) and reviews of real investors

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