Pain of Sheol

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Pain Sheol Messiah & R. Ruff - Bible Code

This high odds Bible Code can also read as "Paternally Asked Messiah & R.Ruff".

A coincidence that the Prime-Clerics name extended on from the main term - Not!

Romans, Look, Raise, Suspended, Praising, Coming Ra-El.

Pain Sheol Messiah & Ruff.jpg

Coming Ra-El can also extend to From Father Ra-El.

Stats for the main term...


Sheol is where Christ opened the way to a place of reviewing for souls to enter Heaven.

The Christ Lord Ra-El Has Returned

rael messiah.JPG

More End Times Information:

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That's a lot to go through it still makes me cry watching it...

God is one nice post prime cleric sir

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The suffering he went through for us all...

It is always humbling to recall what he went through for us to be able to break free from the bonds we were shackled to and have a chance to gain entry into the New Kingdom with him one day. What unmerited favor and grace!

Nice code. I'm not sure mankind really comprehend the extent of what has been done for them. Personally, I find it humbling.

Watching that scene from Passion still haunts me... the pain he suffered to give mankind life. How little mankind has done to repay that debt in kindness.... instead they slaughter others and claim God wanted them to do it.