24th December 2017 - Bible Code

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This Bible Code was just discovered for the specific date of 24th Dec 2017 or 6th Tevet 5778.

24 Dec 2017 - 6 Tevet 5778.jpg

24th Dec 2017 - 6th Tevet 5778
RAYEL RABBI - occurs just off the right side.

So far the Rabbis have been too scared to accept the Messiah, no wonder after the way they treated Him and His Apostles previously...


Torah Code at a minimal skip: 2nd TEVET 5778 = 20th Dec 2017
The Code can also read as IN TEVET 5778, GRACE MARY RA-EL AROSE, WORLD.

UN Briefing Video

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This code shows just a glimpse of the future and it will be interesting to see what transpires that day. I too have found a code for Christmas 5778 so it would be the day after this code. I do not claim to know what will happen but it is interesting to note the discoveries that God is revealing about these dates

Israel has a choice to accept him BEFORE Iran and the rest of Israel's enemies decide to do something no one will like... But Israel is not doing themselves any favors by rejecting this.

Looking forward to this!

What does it all mean?

Incredible code!

Let thy King take his throne!

The path to the throne...

This is very interesting and exciting!

This could be huge.

Exciting time to be alive, as it looks like this is the year He'll be ushered in

Usher in the King!

great post
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This is the kind of content that keeps the community alive! Great post, will follow.

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