11th Aug 2019 Prophecy

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Bible Code discovered for the 10th AV 5779 - 11th Aug 2019.

The Code extends to "Ray on 11th Aug 2019 Yah."

Movement, Notion, Trio, "To Hawaii" also occurs near Movement...

Av 5779.jpg

Ray could have a number of meanings, or could be referring to RayEl, will have to wait almost a year to see how this is fulfilled.

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Bible code very interesting code
Nice post brother

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I love biblecode

We have a ways to go on this! It's a very interesting code. I wonder who will be going to Hawaii.

Very interesting indeed


Interesting info :)

That's curious, the inclusion of a 2019 date. I wonder what it means.

Pretty much a year from now...I wonder what that will be.

I believe this is the 3rd recent code for 2019, we'll just have to wait and see.

Seems this code was speaking of the Cat 5 heading or moving towards Hawaii

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Ah wheezing, I wonder what that's about?

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