What Jesus said about death. that the comparison that Jesus made teaches us about death.

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What Jesus said about death.

Referring to a friend of his who had died, Jesus Christ mentioned the state in which the dead are found. First he said to his disciples: "our friend Lazarus is resting." They understood that he was sleeping, recovering from an illness, but they were wrong because Jesus clarified them: "Lazarus to the dead" (John 11: 11-14). Notice that Jesus compared death to rest and to sleeping his friend was neither in heaven nor in a fiery hell. He had not left with the angels or his ancestors, nor had he been reborn as a different person. He rested in death as if he slept soundly, but without dreaming. Other biblical texts say that it is dead is to compare it to being asleep. For example, when the disciple was killed by stones, the bible says that he "fell asleep" (facts 7:60). In the same way, the apostle Paul wrote that some people of his day had "fallen asleep" in death (1 Corinthians 15: 6). What was God's purpose for people to die? not much less. Jehovah made man to live eternally on earth. God placed our first parents in a beautiful paradise that blessed them with perfect health. I certainly wanted the best for them. Is there a loving father who wants his children to go through the pains of old age and death? Of course not! Well, Jehovah loved his children and wanted them to be happy on earth forever. In fact the Bible says that God has put "the indefinite time in the heart" of human beings (Ecclesiastes 3:11). That's right, it has created us with the desire to live forever, and has opened the way for that desire to be a reality


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