my sister whom I love and I argue nonsense my best company after god

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The best sister
How can we define the word "sister"? is to be raised in the same way with a totally different person, is to get used to a stranger, is to love who gets the advantage, is to share everything he wants just to still love someone who always irritates her in some way.
A sister is someone more special than any word is the mixture of love and friendship her inner beauty is so much that in her external appearance she always has an energy of happiness that comes from her heart.
And what being the best sister is a mixture of all that is one way is to build a true society, a life of dreams and secrets exchanged, a story of complicity woven with bright thread of trust is to learn to love who, for some reason , will always be at your side, is a union that goes far beyond equal surnames and the same blood.
Being the best "sister" is a school of life. It is knowing how to live in the same space with a complete stranger and still love her. It is learning to love people as they are. It is to feel pain for the facazo of the other and to feel happiness for their conquest, as if they were theirs.
To be the best sister is to know how to understand the other, it is to show in simple gestures, lost over time their love and respect. It is to understand nothing compares to the other with a simple look. Nothing compares to such joy of knowing that there is someone who knows their problems and their difficulties, who understands and is with you each of them and, above all, is to be always sincere is to be one that can be trusted and let off steam


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