BIBLE STORIES # 35 - Who knows how to love

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Different people came to listen to Jesus. There were among them those who committed many grievous sins, so that all turned away from them. But when they heard Jesus, many repented, and their lives changed, as if they were born anew. There were others (they were called Pharisees): they knew the Scriptures very well and even taught him people. Therefore, they considered themselves righteous and thought that they did not need repentance. The Pharisees often thought that Jesus was teaching people wrong and violating the laws of Scripture. They were worried that His teaching would be harmful, and all the time trying to catch Him on the wrong word or deed.

Once a Pharisee named Simon invited Jesus to dinner. Upon learning of this, a woman came to her, about which everyone knew that she was a great sinner. Pining with tears, the woman bent to the very feet of Jesus and began kissing them, smearing expensive fragrant oil and wiping her hair. The Pharisee thought: "If Jesus really was a prophet, He would know what a bad woman is touching Him!" But Jesus, understanding his thoughts, said:

"She has many sins, but she knows how to love and will receive forgiveness,

And then he said to the woman:

  • Your faith has saved you, your sins are forgiven. Go in peace.
    All the guests were very surprised and thought: "So He forgives sins and who is He?"
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