The Gospel of Matthew 04

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This chapter is jam-packed with lessons every CHRISTIAN should be familiar with. Not the least of which is what to do in the face of temptations or the tempter himself. We are shown there is a difference between illness & possession, spiritual discernment is how the HOLY SPIRIT will help us know which we're dealing with. When we feel called of our LORD how would we respond? Get some insight on that as well. Don't miss this one. Have your BIBLE in hand so you can read by our side. We'd love to have you.

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Very Nice.

It's good to see you here every day. Thanks, bunches!

I love how in depth you go chapter by chapter, verse by verse!



No doubt..only FAITH!!



Thank you for sharing this insightful teaching and receive an upvote.
Which bible version or translation would you recommend for a learner? And why are there so many different and varying bible translations or versions?

We study out of the Companion BIBLE with notes by E.W.Bullenger. It is a King James Version BIBLE. We also like the K.J.V. due to the Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of BIBLE Words being keyed to it. Those two items & a Smiths BIBLE Dictionary is all you need for in-depth BIBLE studies with our ministry. I could go on for hours & never get to the bottom of why there are some many different translations of our FATHERS WORD. I don't want to speculate on that. I guess you'd have to ask the translators of those texts their motivations for their work & hope to get the straight truth.Thank you for the support, it's a labor of LOVE, for certain.

upvoted, and resteemed before even watching it!

Thank you, your support is appreciated. I pray you'll grab your BIBLE & read along with us. It's our FATHERS WORD which brings the benefits.