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Kept hearing about an astonishing woman singer, about 7 or 8 years ago now. Finally got around to watching a video one day.
It was an unforgettable experience. Her old audition tape is still something special to watch today. Here's to a memory that was made back in 2009 when Britain's Got Talent was amazing to watch:

KBritain's Got Talent - Susan Boyle First Audition - YouTube
Video for susan boyle tryouts▶ 7:03

Jan 2, 2012 - Uploaded by TheMrsNikk
its so sad how you see faces of disgust and ppl feeling embarrassed for her before her performance, then ...

Britain's Got Talent memories


Susan Boyle has a remarkable voice.

I still enjoy her first videos.
I was thinking how appropriate this song is for people who have joined Steemit. Maybe they will be inspired to "Dream a Dream".
Here's hoping for dreams coming true.
Thanks for commenting.

Really enjoyed her song and still do

Me too. She also has a fun personality.
Thanks for commenting.
Dream a dream. Hope it comes true.

I saw this when she first performed on the show. Being an old musician myself, I found it very inspiring. Boy did she fool them all!

I never get tired of watching this video.
Did you see Paul Potts as well. I like his tryout video too.

Yes, I saw him about the same time. So humble and such an incredible voice!

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