YouTube: Steem Audio White Paper - Part 1 and 2

in beyondbitcoin •  2 years ago

YouTube: Steem Audio White Paper - Part 1 and 2

Official Steem White Paper

[Part 2 source thread]

PS: I convert and publish these materials at officialfuzzy YouTube channel under his permission, so don't consider it as copy/pasta post.

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Hi @testz - I just added this article to the top banner section of /
. Thanks for the great post! :)


Please add eSteem to App section ;-)


Wow! Beautiful site. Thanks for your help. Done! :)

Good to have it especially for the newbies. Many introduction post or youtube just passed without noticing. Great post@testz!

Cool beans! I'm about to go on a road trip. Now my friends will have to listen to the white paper.

nice @testz! Thank you as always for posting beyondbitcoin content to youtube! I would gladly upvote your work for posting @forrestwillie and his SteemPress, along with the new @cm-steem Gridcoin Hangouts.

I bet they'd upvote you too. And i am pretty sure @ajvest would be potentially interested in helping out if you dont have the time :)