YouTube: E214 2017-07-07 Beyond Bitcoin - GRC, Peerity, VOTU and WhaleShares!steemCreated with Sketch.

in beyondbitcoin •  10 months ago

More info about this hangout you can find at [source hangout thread]

PS: I convert and publish these materials at officialfuzzy YouTube channel under his permission, so don't consider it as copy/pasta post.

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Good video post. Very entertaining and funny. Great way to share and bring together the Steemit community. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is the now and the future. Good work and content. Will continue to follow. Good job.

It is sad that the U.S. government is blocking its citizens from participating in many of the new ICO's.


I believe it's a case that the ICO operators are taking such action because of existing securities legislation, rather than specific anti crypto ICO laws being implemented to go after EOS..


Yes that may be true.....either way U.S. citizens are the losers.

А есть смысл на steemit на русском писать?