YouTube: E214 2017-07-07 Beyond Bitcoin - GRC, Peerity, VOTU and WhaleShares!

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More info about this hangout you can find at [source hangout thread]

PS: I convert and publish these materials at officialfuzzy YouTube channel under his permission, so don't consider it as copy/pasta post.

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I represented the #Gridcoin community during the 214th BeyondBitcoin hangout episode!

About Gridcoin & BOINC

Gridcoin is a cryptocurrency which securely rewards BOINC computation on top of proof of stake.

What's BOINC? BOINC is an open-source volunteer distributed computing platform which utilizes the spare computer resources on 500k+ computers to attempt to cure diseases, map the milkyway, search for extraterrestrial life, and any other kind of distributable computation.

Anyone who needs a serious amount of distributed computing power (100k+ CPUs) almost entirely for free can create a BOINC project to create a distributed cloud service of their own desire (fairly easily) whilst the Gridcoin network potentially rewards your project's volunteers on your behalf.

I spoke about the following topics:




Leisure client updates released!
  • Voting system security hardening
  • Reducing load on BOINC web servers
  • Updated the superblock mechanism to be more resilient and reliable.
Gridcoin developers are continuing to work on new features such as:
  • Removal of the mandatory team requirement within the Gridcoin network.
  • Improved staking, voting, security mechanisms (eta several weeks before we begin large scale testnet phases)
  • Improved translations (chinese translation included in the latest client release)
  • Improved GUI & branding
Potential whitelist changes
  • Proposed removal

    • SZtaki - Users are complaining about work units are not being fairly distributed.
    • Leiden - Project starting to wind down, new signups were stopped and there seems to be problems with granted credit.
  • Proposed addition

    • Sourcefinder - Sister project of theSkyNet Pogs. Short term project.
    • Enigma@Home - Previously ran out of work units, more ww2 era enigma codes to crack!
    • Xansons - Open sourced, still awaiting appropriate server configuration/hardening.

  ·  5 days ago

Good video post. Very entertaining and funny. Great way to share and bring together the Steemit community. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is the now and the future. Good work and content. Will continue to follow. Good job.

  ·  5 days ago

It is sad that the U.S. government is blocking its citizens from participating in many of the new ICO's.

  ·  2 days ago

I believe it's a case that the ICO operators are taking such action because of existing securities legislation, rather than specific anti crypto ICO laws being implemented to go after EOS..

  ·  4 hours ago

Yes that may be true.....either way U.S. citizens are the losers.

  ·  3 days ago

А есть смысл на steemit на русском писать?