It looks like a bright future for Altcoins!

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The Flippening

If you have been watching the markets "Bitcoin Dominance" is currently at 71.6% according to which is low compared to what it has been.

People are looking for cheap cryptocurrency to invest in..

Especially those who feel like they missed the boat on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Fork FUD

Another thing that seems to be affecting the price of Bitcoin is the scaling issue, and the argument between Bitcoin fork with segwit or Bitcoin Unlimited with the ability to choose your own node size.

So regardless of all this confusing stuff one thing seems to be certain.. People are getting interested in altcoins!

This time it seems to be the entire crypto community that is getting the spotlight.

So with people looking for other options besides slow expensive public blockchain transactions.. They seem to be getting interested in other uses for blockchain technology besides just peer to peer payments.

Now is the time for us here on Steemit to get excited as well, because with the whole world about to be looking at us.. Let's give them something badass to look at, and become a part of!

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  ·  last month

I've noticed the altcoins I'm in are getting stronger relative to Bitcoin. And honestly, Bitcoin isn't doing too badly either. The latest drop didn't even crack below a thousand :)

  ·  last month

The revolution will not be Federally Reserved ;)

  ·  last month

Looks as if a war is brewing in the realm of alt-coins...


  ·  last month

I must admit. That neon sign is pretty dope.