Is Kurrent a competitor for Zcoin?

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Kurrent [KURT]

A cryptocurrency that uses Zero knowledge technology with X11 algorithm, and true random bonus blocks.

  • Kurrent claims to be "The first Zerocoin that uses X11 POW Algorithm."

  • Kurrent also has a Daily Super Bonus Block with 100x the NORMAL PAYMENT!

The first to introduce true random bonus blocks in zerocoin capable altcoin. This will increase the fun of mining and it employs a true random algorithm so big mining power is not capable of pre-compute the bonus block and then grab it.

Kurrent is similar to Zcoin because they both claim to "Mint" new coins to prevent any transaction coins, because a new "coin" is minted with the original being "burned up" to make the new one.


"Mint" transaction turns a public coin with transaction history into a completely private coin that is stored in an accumulator.


"Spend” transaction allows you to create a new coin that has no transaction history by proving that you own one of the coins in the accumulator.


The process of minting and spending can be repeated as many times as you want in order to ensure complete privacy.

It is definitely an exciting time in the crypto world, and with the growing demand for more private alternatives I'm excited to see all of the projects that are being worked on!

If you are interested in Kurrent most of the info is on

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This is what Vests are ...Right? I mean This sounds great and I'm excited for this to come to Steemit!

  • I will not repost this one because I feel like this is a crypto secret*

Not sure how it'd be a secret ... but I'm also not at all sure how a person obtains these coins at all.


Ok so this makes perfect since.. A coin is held for a person in a pool.. If you want to withdrawal one you must deposit another ..? It sounds to me like this is just plain and simple math.. An agreement between a pool of people and a pool of "coins" .


Doen't that make them effectively nothing?


This sounds very good and I am excited to investigate this further.. Please keep me posted if you here anything else or if you find an irc channel.