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So, if you have been following me for sometime now, you know I am big on Populous (PPT). I was one of the lucky initial early investors that got in on the presale ICO, the actual ICO never happened. There was the initial pop upon hitting the Etherdelta exchange. Then a huge sell off - (IMO) a lot of which was due to some drama between an investor and Populous. The investeor was a huge supporter and did great videos generating buzz and wanted to be paid for it after the fact. When they denied I believe he sold off a huge position and with no answer as to why this fan had a sudden stop in promotion and now the sell off, the speculation drove t he price down further. I just want to say (with no disrespect to those who were negatively affected by thise actions)... THANK YOU! I got even more PPT tokens now at great prices, came close to doubling my position, before selling some off to invest in other ICO's (SKIN) and increase my positions in PAY, STATUS, ADX, and PLR. THE PRICE HAS NOW BEEN ON A STEADY CLIMB, since this peice below came out and was shared on the Populous Slack (which I think is now closed, so I will share the info I get on Populous Slack here on my site going forward as added value to my Steemians).


Populous update

Preparing for Alpha takeoff by shadalabad @ medium.com


Much love Steemit





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