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Hi Steemit friends !

Here is an interesting reddit post I found about the bitcoin community and what is going on with Bitcoin Core/Blockstream. There is a lot of censorship and anger coming from the Bitcoin camp, you have probably seen it yourself.

How many people talk bad about other coins? Do I really care if you are buying Dash or Monero? Honestly, I don’t care. For some reason in the bitcoin community, there is a lot of fighting about Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash, the article I linked below will help you gain some insight into why.

Source link:https://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinMarkets/comments/6rxw7k/informative_btc_vs_bch_articles/dl8v4lp/?st=ja0q1ddq&sh=eebf97de

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Still waiting for BCH to take over 🤣

Me too :)

Hello,im redha from indonesia

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Excellent photo!

Thank you. Best wishes :)

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