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RE: Gridcoin Hangout #001 (RSVP & Suggest topics)

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Topic suggestion: we have thousands of active members but reaching them is difficult, more prominent in wallet communications would be good.
Incentivised voting, perhaps a GRC lottery to encourage voting participation - each vote someone wins a little GRC stake. Other engagement mechanisms.


I think our email marketing idea is the best method of reaching our user base:

Just need Rob to provide email lists from the projects he is team founder for.

Cool no arguments here

Sepulcher once talked about a similar voter incentivisation scheme in which those who voted received a small payout (25 grc or something). We've currently got a seriously poor voting participation rate; currently we're averaging about 50 mil out of 750 mil voting weight for recent foundation polls - very poor community voting participation :(

So you do have a good point, I think a manual reward system would be easier than hardcoding voting incentives within the client.

Yeah for me the voting itself is secondary, I just want to make sure people are engaged so they are less likely to drift off - voting reward is just a means to an end

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