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Says everyone waiting to get verified on an exchange rn LOL

On Local Bitcoins in 2012 you could've bought in at $180 in cash in person. In 2010 you could've mined $18 dollars worth over a weekend on a laptop and be a millionaire today. All of that doesn't matter - this is bigger than a price. Bip 91 and the upcoming scaling agreements show how strong a decentralized and incentivized community can be.

For those of us watching from the side lines as devs, VCs, and Roger Vers fought it out; there were days it felt like an agreement was impossible. I can't imagine the endless Slack messages some devs went through. In hindsight, this will feel like it all went by too fast next time we need to scale up. The people that will benefit the most from this in the future will have no idea of the twitter battles, podcast preaching, and general FUD we went through to get here.



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