E167 Beyond Bitcoin - Peerplays Update, BlockPay CEO talks Privacy, & Faddat's Nanochip Implant?

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#1 @ $106.61 Jonathan Ba'hai and Michael Maloney give Peerplays updates announces that next week they will be dropping by to give a BitShares Sharedrop announcement!
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#2 @ $29.20 Chris Hering of BlockPay and Co-Founder of BitShares Munich gives updates about BlockPay and introduces discussion around Privacy of Purchases using Cryptocurrency and the fine line between what seem to be two very contentious viewpoints that the emergence of the blockchain forces us to look at: one a world of total transparency, another with privacy built in. In the end, will the free market give rise to the reality that it is somewhere in between?
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#3 @ $21.28 Faddat of Kloudery.com joins to bring up multiple topics, but one floats to the top and refuses to resubmerge for any period of time thereafter. The discussion topic launches when faddat talks about his interest in injectible devices for use in buying and selling...
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to bad i sold most of my bitshares

go buy a few on me :)

The PeerPlays link greeted me with ,

thanks man for posting and letting me know
It has now been fixed. Code is finicky eh? :)

Always looking for those mishaps!

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i dont know that we should consider doing this due in part to your low reputation. let me check into this link and get back to you :)

The hyper link Peerplays.com don't work , error 404

peerplays.com - page not found

Thank you for helpful information :)

The secret of success is constancy to purpose.

definitely the biggest thing imo.

Thanks for a great show, tries to tune in to most of them now days after you got #gridcoin on board :)
I liked the talk about POS systems and CC that you "load up" at home. Interesting ideas and thoughts. But it made me think on a company in the Nordic countries, called SEQR. It does a similar thing as you talk about, but not being blockchain off course. But what I wanted to point out is that the only thing they have done is software, and they are in the market on all the POS machines in all the stores.
They have one software on phones, that can scan a QR code or read a NFC tag. The cahier only tells his/her POS machine that they should verify to this other place instead of the bank. Then the software on your phone sends to the same system and they are both verified from both ends after the user verified by PIN code.
The idea is not very farfetched, and it may not be as difficult as it sounds. The difficult thing is to get the software on the POS machine.
SEQR can be found at https://www.seqr.com/

I love this post

What precisely do you like about it? :)